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NDLI awareness program in VVIET, Mysore on 25/05/2022 @ 3 pm to 4 pm By Librarian, TCE, Gadag

Vidya Vikas

Institute of Engineering and Technology

NDLI User Awareness Webinar

Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering and Technology (VVIET), Mysuru had organized the webinar on NDLI User Awareness on 25th May 2022 to create the awareness among Staff and Students of NDLI Club and Users. The NDLI has started its activities initially as a project, now it is expanded beyond the project to increase the content availability. The total 133 participants had attended the webinar. NDLI Club president Dr. Chandrashekar J welcomed the guest and the participants. The chief speaker Dr. Manjunath Uttarkar, Chief Librarian, TCE, Gadag explained the resources, contents, different formats of the contents, searching filters, the languages covered, and method for search and retrieval of the documents from the NDLI portal and to narrow down the results. He also explained the difference between registered and non registered users and the benefits available to the registered users on NDLI Portal. To increase the usage, NDLI has started a new method called NDLI club in all the educational institutions across the country. The activities are formed such that the students are motivated to read any reading material to participate in the activities. This helps the students to increase the capacity to understand not only the technical subjects but also, they can understand more social related subjects. He has concluded his address to increase the student participation in the NDLI Club with monthly activities.

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