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Scope for self learning

  • NPTEL Video

  • SWAYAM - NPTEL Local chapter

  • Faculty encourage students to take MOOCs through

  • Internet facility with subscription of VTU consortium.

  • Digital library available at institute level.

  • Department Library available for reference.

  • The language lab is available at institute level.

  • Central library facility.

  • Workshops, Seminars, short term courses, conferences are being conducted where students actively participate.  Students undergo industrial training programs and also make industrial and site visits. 

  • Encouragement of students to self learning through the concept of flipped classrooms. 

  • We also encourage students to get involved in collaborative learning through online discussion forums like

  • We also suggest to the students live classes and bridge courses. 

  • Technical project exhibition "AVISHKAR"conducting every year in which students contribute innovative projects, concepts. 

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