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ONE DAY TRAINING PROGRAM ON“Teaching, Learning and Writing in Engineering Education”29th November 20

Passionately committed teachers are those who absolutely love what they do. They are constantly searching for more effective ways to reach their children, to master the content and methods of their craft. They feel a personal mission…to learning as much as they can about the world, about others, about themselves-and helping others to do the same.

-Zehm and Kottler

The One Day Training Programs have significant contributions to technical teaching, learning and writing in the field of Engineering Education.

Teachers in all classrooms are expected to be knowledgeable and skilled practitioners, accountable for raising standards of achievement of all students in ways that will stimulate learners’ interests in learning. They are expected to promote school-parent relationships, address issues of culture and language, environmental concerns and social & moral issues, issues of equity, social justice, participative democracy, and lifelong learning.

In other words, teachers’ work is complex, and located in contexts that are demanding of knowledge, classroom management and teaching skills as well as emotionally and intellectually challenging.

The objective of this Training Program is to enhance and update the knowledge of the participants about the teaching learning and writing research articles to achieve academic excellence.

Participants will be exposed to the problems arising in the class rooms and laboratories. The participants will also be trained to draft the research articles, which are being referred worldwide.

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